Wire, Cable Harness Assembly Services

Prototype – Low Volume Assembly Specialists

Custom cable and wire harnesses are the core of electronic applications. Manufacturers have to build precise wire harness designs to ensure their products run efficiently and reliably. With this in mind, Comptek has developed the ability to provide prototype and low volume/small quantity cable and wire harness assembly services at the highest quality level possible in a cost-effective manner.

Full Service Assembly Services

Comptek prides itself on being a full service wire and cable harness assembly contract manufacturer. AutoCAD design and engineering services are available to formulate product concepts with assembly layout and the ability to provide prototypes including short run manufacturing prior to production, complete verification, testing and certification. As a US-based, 100% Made in the USA manufacturer, we are ideally suited to work with companies who want custom cable and wire harness products requiring any gauge wire, single or multi-conductor, and standard or high-temperature features, for most applications.

Software development can also be part of these capabilities if your application requires it. All Comptek software development is also performed at our USA facility, in Farmington Hills, Michigan by skilled programmers who sometimes need to work with our engineers in prototyping and building test systems and products. Please view the software pages of our site for more information. We are fully vertically integrated and can take your product prototype from its design to circuit board to full visual and electronic component testing – truly integrated turnkey services.

Our Detailed Wire Harness Assembly Capabilities:

  • In-depth industry knowledge and expertise in cabling and wire harness solutions
  • Integration of multiple wire and cable types
  • Custom cable/wire harness configurations
  • Wire leads and sets
  • Short lead times
  • Application of multiple interconnects
  • 100% fit, form, and function validation
  • Soldering
  • In-line wire and cable marking
  • Harness subassembly prefabrication
  • Enclosure fabrication
  • Sonic welding for in-line wire splicing
  • Wide range of electronic component options
  • AutoCAD and reverse engineering
  • Installation and testing

Sample Types of Cable in Our Processes:

  • Data cable
  • Wire harnesses
  • Ribbon cable
  • Power cable
  • Battery cable
  • Control cable
  • Category 5 cable
  • Category 6 cable
  • Sensor cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Lead wire
  • Flat ribbon cable
  • Interface cable

Quality Assured Assembly

Quality control is integrated in our assembly processes at Comptek. Our engineered components and systems usually perform a vital role in manufacturers’ Quality Management Systems (QMS), ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 Standards. Real-time data through test system integration is relayed for analysis to production managers to detect trends and isolate possible problems quickly boosting efficiency and productivity.

Typical Industries that have used Comptek’s Wire, Cable Harness Assembly Services:

  • Automotive/Vehicle
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Computer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Power Generation

From a simple wiring harness assembly, or customized wire harnesses and cable assemblies, contact Comptek today for immediate assistance. We have dedicated cable and wire harness manufacturing procedures in place to serve you and are specialists in prototypes and low-volume manufacturing requirements.