Software Development Partner for OEM Proprietary Software

Outsourced Support from a US-Based, Domestic Partner – Maintenance and Rewrite of Source Code

As an experienced software development specialist in C, C++, and C# Windows applications, Comptek can be your ideal OEM proprietary software partner in support for existing software systems.


What are Software Developer Outsourcing Benefits to Your Company?

OEM software partnerships are a cross-industry practice that enables companies to design and incorporate the software they need without investing in specialized and expensive application and database programmers and developers. We invest in upskilling employees relieving our partners of that expense and process.

  • We deliver software update/patch to enterprises on demand ensuring timely access to the right resources, skill match.
  • Ongoing customer support is provided, while the OEM takes responsibility for any cybersecurity measures the software might entail.
  • Creation of highly individualized custom software components that are a value-added component to your software while minimizing any maintenance issues the software may incur. 
  • Re-implementing a large portion of existing software functionality may be the task without re-use of existing source code. Our software rewrites can be “from scratch”. in C, C++, and C# Windows applications.
  • We can assist in accelerating the implementation of quickly changing software technology to forge or maintain your competitive edge in your market.

100% US-Based Strategic Software Partner Solution

All software services are 100% US based, developed at our Farmington Hills, MI facility. We can collaborate with you at your location for a personal interaction exploring your key software needs.

Industries Where Our Software Support Services are Utilized

  • Automotive/Vehicle
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Computer Products
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Power Generation

In summary, our services tailored to OEM proprietary software include:

  • Integration of new electronic devices into existing software
  • Maintenance/modification of existing software source code
  • Custom source code can be developed for a customer can be provided with the system

In teaming up with Comptek, strategic partners can tap into our global footprint and proven expertise in the development of both software platforms and related hardware technologies in many industries. When considering cost objectives and multi-software publisher support, our third-party support can be the preferred option. To find out more on how an alliance with Comptek software support can help your company, please email or call us at 1-248-477-5215.