Assembly & Test Monitoring and Control

In 2018, Comptek celebrated its 35th year as a leading provider of plant floor computing systems for manufacturing assembly and test applications, including:

  • Production test measurement and control
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Data analysis and reporting software
  • System Integration services
  • Production quality control & assurance
  • Product quality verification and analysis
  • Intelligent device programming and interface

Our systems perform a vital role in manufacturers’ Quality Management Systems (QMS), ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 Standards.

When you choose Comptek as a supplier, you will benefit over the entire life of your system:

  • Real world experience - Reduces the time and complexity of setting up and operating testing environments
  • Flexibility - Our software and systems are tailored to fit your specific assembly/test applications, not the reverse
  • Support - Our engineering staff is available to answer questions on how to use our systems, and to help make revisions that might be needed to support your product and/or process changes.