Production Test Software - Pass/Fail

Production testing is the process used to execute a system of quality assurance used to detect the problems in a product. Comptek’s production test software can determine pass/fail, in real-time, based on customer-specified criteria such as minimums/maximums and probability parameters, and standard deviation with other measures that can be determined by your production team. Customer-editable test sequence and safety monitoring, with storage of test data if desired, are other features. An automated system can be integrated into existing assembly lines providing a completely automated pass/fail inspection solution that is flexible and scalable.

The Details of Plant Systems Integration of Pass/Fail

Data Control & Archive

Data control, archive, and integration with plant systems plays a pivotal role in the ongoing success of pass/fail production test systems.

  • Accurate and reliable test data is the foundation of quality control and productivity improvement.
  • Comptek systems can be provided with various levels of redundancy to ensure the integrity and reliability of your manufacturing information.
  • Comptek systems can interface with various Plant Database systems such as SQL, Oracle, etc.

Central Data Servers

Comptek typically provides a Central Data Server (CDS) for manufacturing systems that have multiple computers in the facility which perform the same or similar assembly or pass/fail test functions. The CDS can send test data to a central data server and/or print reports locally. This data can be archived locally and/or sent to a corporate database. The CDS also provides a common platform for support of the plant floor computers, providing programs for central editing of test configurations. To do this efficiently requires a central data server PC. The CDS requires that a Microsoft Windows operating system is installed on a RAID protected PC.

From the central data server, many separate test systems can be maintained and monitored. Some of the features of a central data server include:

  • Test specification creation, control, and distribution to all/individual test systems
  • Central test data storage
  • Central reporting on test results
  • Automatic processing of results and Oracle uploads
  • Dynamic reporting of test status to internal/external websites
  • Domain control


To perform these tasks, we’ve developed the Comptek Central Data Server software (ComCDS). This software is always matched to any supplied Comptek test system software that it will be communicating with. Requirements are simply a Microsoft Windows based PC and the system needs to be networked to each of the test cells by a pre-established corporate network or any network down to a simple functional work group.


Comptek recommends a RAID protected Windows Server PC to be used as a central data server. We can supply the PC and setup a sub domain if needed.

If your application needs to exchange data with another system, we can help.

100% US-Based

All test equipment fabrication, if required, and software services are 100% US based, developed at our Farmington Hills, MI facility, so we can meet with you at your location for more insight into your key informational needs. Comptek projects can include design and construction of:

  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Operator workstations
  • Fuel conditioning systems
  • Cooling water control systems
  • Weather stations
  • Device fixtures
  • Cable assemblies
  • Handheld devices

Typical Industries that have used our Pass/Fail Production Test Software and Systems

  • Automotive/Vehicle
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Computer Products
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Power Generation

Comptek offers proven production pass/fail systems, designed for your industry and that can be customized for your individual requirements to best fit your production line and goals. Please email or call us at 1-248-477-5215 for more information.