Production Test Software Development and Integration

Test Control & Monitor Software for Consumer Products, Electronics, and Appliances

Are you developing, preparing to launch a new consumer product such a lawnmower or snowmobile, or household appliance and need real-time production testing for the plant floor? Comptek has been a leading software developer and builder of custom test control and measurement systems for manufacturing assembly and test applications. Testing of any consumer product or appliance is a necessary requirement in providing total quality assurance to clients and ensuring the overall safety of end consumers. We can start by developing comprehensive test plans, design and build the test system itself, and develop detailed test methodologies. Alternatively, you can provide us with a custom product test plan to execute.

Our automated test systems software perform a vital role in manufacturers’ Quality Management Systems (QMS), ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 Standards and other industry standards. Real-time data through test system integration is relayed for analysis to production managers to detect trends and isolate possible problems quickly boosting efficiency and productivity.

We specialize in accurate and reliable test data, the foundation of quality control and productivity improvement.

Comptek’s ComETS Product Test System – Customizable to Your Application

Comptek Electronic Test Software (ComETS) is easy to install, easy to use. We configure it for your application. Most everyone else expects you to use software out of a box. It`s designed to meet your needs today and in the future.

Friendly, flexible. ComETS is currently used in a wide variety of product test applications, supporting automated and manual product test applications. Models, test plans, parameter changes, even the data display are easily made by the operator.

Windows-based. Comptek test applications are typically presented as a software suite that contains tools for controlling, monitoring and maintaining advanced test equipment. This integrated suite of applications includes:

  • The product test application
  • A Service Utility for calibration and diagnostics
  • Test panels for intelligent devices
  • Editors for easy system maintenance
  • Online and offline reporting of test data results
  • Plotting of real-time or post processed data

Hardware Independent. ComETS runs with your existing or other industry-standard hardware. There`s no need to buy anything specific to run the test control and monitor software.

ComETS features include:

  • Cost effective system
  • User Friendly – Windows-based for operation and revision familiarity
  • Versatile Test Modes – Automatic to Manual operation
  • Flexible Applications – user-modification of test specs, sequence, procedures, reports, etc.
  • Configurable Data Display
  • Operator Interface – enables specialized monitoring & administration
  • Calibration and Diagnostic Utilities
  • Data Storage & Retrieval – interface with existing or industry standard hardware
  • OPC compliant
  • Portable
  • Global Presence

In teaming up with Comptek, your company can tap into our global footprint and proven expertise in the development of both software platforms and related hardware technologies in many industries. To find out more on how an alliance with Comptek software developers can assistance in your testing needs, please email or call us at 1-248-477-5215.