Electronic Device Assembly Services

Prototype – Low Volume Assembly Specialists

Comptek offers experienced electronic device assembly services to the worldwide commercial marketplace. We can fabricate, mount and label, connect, assemble, align and adjust, as well as secure electronics parts and components of electronic devices and modules to your exact specifications with all work performed in the USA. A wide range of electronics can be involved in the process including printed circuit boards, communications modules, ECMs (electronic control modules), cable and wire harnesses, general wiring, sensors, control panels/consoles, and much more.

Additional Electronic Device Assembly Capabilities:

  • Drilling and tapping mounting holes in enclosures
  • Drilling or punching holes for bulkhead connectors and fittings
  • Mounting devices
  • Mounting and labeling terminals
  • Bulkhead electrical connectors
  • Bulkhead pneumatic or hydraulic fittings and tubing
  • Mounting wire management systems
  • Wiring between multiple devices

Comptek is comfortable with varying levels of assembly work ranging basic to complicated, intricate integration tasks that require advanced industry knowledge and possible custom software development. Please view our software development pages for more in-depth information on these capabilities. All software development is also performed at our USA facility, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This assembly is often done in collaboration with our designers and engineers in product development, sometimes assisting with prototypes and building test systems and products. We are fully vertically integrated and can take your prototype from its CAD design to circuit board to full visual and electronic component testing – truly integrated turnkey services.

Quality Assured Assembly

Quality control is paramount at Comptek. Our automated test components and systems usually perform a vital role in manufacturers’ Quality Management Systems (QMS), ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 Standards. Real-time data through test system integration is relayed for analysis to production managers to detect trends and isolate possible problems quickly boosting efficiency and productivity.

Typical industries that have used Comptek’s electronic device assembly services:

  • Automotive/Vehicle
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Computer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Power Generation

For electronic device assembly services, no matter the size of the project, consider the Comptek team. Our team of electronics engineers, software developers, and CAD designers are uniquely suited to build plant floor-ready electronic devices and modules so that your company can focus on its core competencies. To receive an assembly quote, email us or call us at 248-477-5215.