Harness and Sensor Testing

Our Sensor and Harness Test Systems are specifically designed for production testing of electrical circuit assembly systems. Our proven automated (or manual) test systems can check harnesses and cabling for open, shorted and specific resistance conditions.

More than just cable and harness testing equipment, our wired assembly circuit test systems verify continuity, insulation/resistance, and are capable of performing functional testing of relay chassis, control panels and other assemblies with components.

STANDARD OR CUSTOM TESTS - Comptek engineers can develop tests to your specific needs or we can configure the test system to your specification. Automatic, semi-automatic or manual testing of various harness designs, including integral sensors. Tests can check for open or shorted wires, sensors out of voltage or resistance ranges, active sensor conditions and intermittent connection (wiggle test) situations.

ComETS TEST SOFTWARE - A version of Comptek Electronic Test Software is specifically designed for Harness and Sensor Testing applications. A simple command language makes it easy for the user to set up test sequences and procedures which allow the testing of various harness configurations.

Capability for testing to manufacturer specification limits and performing pass/fail analysis of data collected. Test data can be transmitted to a plant host computer for archiving.

CONTROL CABINETS AND CONSOLES - Comptek has the engineering capability to design and build data acquisition/control cabinets, interface cables and test fixtures for your specific test requirements. Cabinets are custom designed for your test environment. Hardware interface solutions from a variety of third party data acquisition manufacturers are available. Comptek systems are hardware brand independent and can easily interface with many data acquisition product lines, PLC's and plant manufacturing systems.

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