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Engineered Data Acquisition, Control & Measurement Systems for Parts, Products, Devices

For over 35 years, Comptek has been a leading software developer and builder of custom, automated production test control and measurement systems for manufacturing assembly and test applications.

Our automated test systems perform a vital role in manufacturers’ Quality Management Systems (QMS), ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 Standards. Real-time data acquisition through test system integration is relayed. for analysis to production managers to detect trends and isolate possible problems quickly boosting efficiency and productivity.

Outsourced Support from a US-Based, Domestic Partner – Maintenance and Rewrite of Source Code
Made In USA
Explore our Test Systems Design and Build and Custom Testing Automation Software for Windows sections on this page for the specific area of Comptek’s services that align with your needs. All software and hardware are developed in the United States at our Farmington Hills, MI location.

When you choose Comptek as a software programming and hardware supplier, you will benefit over the entire life of your system:

Comptek will help you determine how our automated test and measurement systems will benefit your business, then create a plan for specification, design, build, installation and support.

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