Assembly Line Monitoring

Assembly line stations like leak testers, press fits, and torque guns contain information useful for verifying the assembly process. Integrating them into a single system with the product results in better SPC monitoring and notification, inspiring true QA and process improvement.

Using a single system throughout the assembly area and in product test allows operators to move and use consistent user interfaces, enhancing throughput and efficiency. It saves money, setup time and support time. Ultimately, the single system improves quality.

  • Comptek has provided manufacturing and assembly stations
  • Either on the assembly line, in sub-assembly areas or at the end of a manufacturing process.
  • Can test intelligent parts integrally with on board control modules
  • Can power up and test individual components standalone or integrated into the final product.

EXAMPLE: Comptek Leak Test Monitor (LTM). LTM is a state of the art data acquisition and reporting system that is designed to collect and evaluate data from multiple leak test machines (e.g. Uson, Cincinnati Test Systems, Quality First, etc.). The LTM`s versatility enables users to maximize productivity with real time data analysis.

This system is extremely useful for multiple gauging stations or when test parts have numerous test cavities, like a transmission main valve body.

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