About Comptek

Comptek has delivered innovative, custom solutions in computer automation since 1983 for industrial assembly systems.

Based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, we specialize in providing products and engineering services for computer based manufacturing assembly, test and control systems, serving industries worldwide.

Comptek integrates hardware and software capabilities into cohesive and efficient computer system solutions. We provide plant floor systems for:

  • Production monitoring and control
  • Functional product tests
  • Data retention and analysis
  • Operator and management real-time displays and reports

Our experience with computers encompasses a wide variety of applications using various customer specified designs.

In the ever changing industry of computer hardware and software, Comptek designs, provides and supports systems using "field proven", state of the art components. Comptek systems are designed to be independent of the computer processor, operating system and data acquisition hardware. This enables the application to be easily ported to new products and concepts as they become available in the industry.


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The following systems illustrate our applications experience:

  • Engineering, quality audit and production testing of diesel engines
  • Harness and Sensor verification
  • Generator Set functional test
  • Cold and Hot testing of gasoline engines
  • Production testing of automotive transmissions
  • In process verification of components during assembly
  • Management and Information systems for assembly and test operations
  • Program, calibrate, or control CAN bus based Electronic Control Modules (ECM)
  • Central Data Systems for networking cell controllers

Comptek System Solutions will improve the quality of your products, increase productivity and reduce costs. In fact, you can read our case studies to see how we have helped customers achieve these results in the past.

Contact us to discuss your control and monitoring needs, or download one of our PDF brochures for additional information: