In-Process Verification Testing

In Process Verification TestingComptek systems can provide the following solutions for your manufacturing process:

  • Query plant host database systems for component build requirements
  • Broadcast build information to operator assembly stations
  • Provide immediate quality feedback to assembly operators before the part leaves the station
  • Collect assembly data from assembly stations
  • Provide In-process testing throughout the assembly process
  • Provide end of line testing and verification of the completed part
  • Record all assembly information in a database archive

Comptek equipment offerings for assembly applications including operator consoles, NEMA enclosures, data acquisition equipment, failsafe part bins, in-cell transducer cabinets & weather stations. The end result is a more integrated, error-proof, operator-independent assembly process.

PART ASSEMBLY - Assembly stations for in-process verification, monitoring, operator prompting, and data acquisition. Collection of assembly information for assembly birth certificate data bases. Connection to plant host computers and servers for build scheduling and synchronization.

PRINTING STATIONS - Assembly stations that interface to various standard third party industrial printers. Interfaces to barcode label printers, data plate printers, serial/model number printers and laser etchers. Software integration with industry standard WYSIWYG label printing software packages such as BarTender.

DISTRIBUTED MONITORING AND CONTROL - Intelligent distributed assembly station control systems for plant floor single and multiple station control. Connects to pushbuttons, switches, lamps and other digital input or output devices.


Custom built part pick stations with sensors to validate proper part selection. Operator prompting for part selection and feedback by visible lamp. Audible alarm for improper part selection.

Pick-to-light systems are controlled by software tied to a plant's Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The software directs and tracks the item selection of workers. When an operator completes a pick, an indicator at the next location shows when and where items should be picked and placed.

Pick-to-light and put-to-light systems incorporate visual indicator adjacent to the storage location of the goods. Most system indicators also display the quantity of items to pick or put-away. The operator confirms they have completed the pick or put by pressing a button on the indicator panel. In some of the most sophisticated pick-to-light / put-to-light systems, infra-red sensors are incorporated to detect the worker's hand entering the correct storage location in order to further error-proof and streamline the pick-to-light or put-to-light process.

Bottom line: reduction of errors and greater throughput.