Generator Set Test Systems

Generator Set Test SystemsComptek Generator Set Test Systems are specifically designed for production testing of electric power generation equipment. This includes generators, engine powered generator sets, electric vehicle and hybrid-electric vehicle power packages, wind and solar power units.

For some large, sophisticated or critical installations, the added cost of new testing technology is dwarfed by the consequences of a system that doesn't operate as designed. Reactive load banks and programmable, computer-controlled load banks let you specify tests that mimic real-life operating conditions.

The best test simulates the intended load. There's little point in proving that a gen set can handle a 100 percent block load or run continuously for 24 hours unless these are characteristics of the anticipated load. While some military specs require 18- to 24- hour duration tests, eight-hour tests are sufficient for most standby installations. Installations with critical large motor loads might warrant a reactive load test. These are done by paralleling new reactive load banks with the primary resistive load bank. Power factor meters monitor and control the percentage of reactive load, to give a much more accurate test for distribution systems with high-kVA/low-power-factor loads.

Computer-controlled duration tests may be appropriate for critical, sophisticated installations. In these tests, the computer can be programmed to do everything from starting the gen set to testing operation under a variety of system failure conditions. The computer activates relays to add specified loads at appropriate intervals for precise step-loading.

ComETS TEST SOFTWARE - A version of Comptek Electronic Test Software (ComETS) is specifically designed for Generator Set Testing applications. The system interfaces to various power analyzers, load banks and Generator Set Control Modules (GCM). Manual or automatic operation. A simple command language makes it easy for the user to set up test procedures. Capability for testing to test specification limits and performing pass/fail analysis of data collected. Test data can be transmitted to a plant host computer for archiving.

LOAD BANK CONTROL - A distributed I/O architecture allows remote control and monitoring of electrical load banks. The ComETS test program automatically calculates which load bank elements to activate to attain the specified resistive or reactive load. ComETS also monitors the load bank for safety conditions. Capable of eliminating bad load bank elements from the active load element list.

DISTRIBUTED MONITORING AND CONTROL - Using a distributed data acquisition system allows monitoring and control from various test cell control points, such as the operator station, load bank control enclosure, or genset control station. The distributed control scheme requires minimal field wiring therefore saving installation labor and material costs.

GENSET CONTROLLER MODULE - Comptek has extensive experience in interfacing computer controls with Generator Set Controllers and Engine Control Modules (ECM). The communications interface can be either built into the ComETS test software or special applications can be developed for your specific requirements.

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