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Production Engine Test Cell
Production Engine Test Cell
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Comptek ComETS Dashboard

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The challenge of engine testing escalates with new technologies to address lighter weight, higher fuel economy, tighter emissions, smaller packages and extended service intervals.

Comptek's latest Engine Testing Software ComETS meets today's demands - integrating seamlessly with CAN-based control modules that communicate with other vehicle and engine control modules. Comptek can provide you with inexpensive, operator friendly computing solutions to solve your assembly and test requirements.

Hot/Cold testing. Multiple model engine adaptation. Ease of operator use and revision. Lifetime support. Comptek stands at the ready to design engine validation software customized to your requirements.

Comptek Production Engine Testing - ComETS is used to test engines in a production environment as part of the assembly validation process. In fully automated test cells, COMPTEK test systems automatically control the part motion into the test cell, clamp the part, engage test probes and facility fixtures, start the engine, run a test sequence, monitor safeties, determine pass/fail and archive the test data in plant systems.

Comptek Engine Quality Audit Testing - ComETS is also used for Quality Audit engine testing - a process typically used as an over-check of the production testing process. The tests run on Quality Audit test stands are more comprehensive, typically running the engine for longer periods of time and collecting more data parameters than the production test. Parameter data is collected in time-stamped data packets to be analyzed by statistical analysis tools on a remote engineering or plant product engineering computer. The operator can select a predetermined test sequence to be run or manually run the engine at specific speed/load setpoints. ComETS has the built-in flexibility to run Quality Audit Testing for each of the different engines produced at a facility. The ComETS system also can easily be revised by the operator so that test sequences, procedures and parameters can easily be modified for new or special tests.

Comptek Engine Endurance Testing - ComETS is equally effective for testing engines over extended periods of time to validate endurance. Tests are set up to run event or time based test procedures, collecting data periodically. Safeties are checked in real time, and product maintenance shutdowns can even be scheduled.

Engine Fuel Conditioning Systems

Engine Fuel Conditioning Systems

Fuel conditioning systems are designed to maintain the proper fuel temperature and pressure for your test requirements. Comptek has developed several different fuel conditioning systems to meet customers' needs. These systems have included:

  • electric heaters
  • heat exchangers for heating and/or chilling fuel
  • mixing valves
  • recirculation pumps
  • single- or multiple-pressure regulation
  • control valves
  • custom fuel rate measurement devices
  • third-party fuel rate measurement devices
  • fuel blowdown (post-test fuel recovery)

We design and build cost-effective fuel conditioning systems to meet needs of specific test verifications as integral parts of automated Engine Test Systems, or standalone if that's what is called for.

Proof: Over 8 million engines worldwide have been tested using the Comptek test systems. Comptek has supplied over 150 custom Engine Test Systems to major engine OEMs and their Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers for a wide variety of testing applications.

Be sure to read our case studies to see how we have helped customers in the past, download our Comptek Engine Test Brochure for additional information, or Contact Us today to start the conversation.