Test Control & Monitor Software

ComETS. Comptek Electronic Test Software (ComETS) is easy to install, easy to use. We configure it for your application. It`s designed to meet your needs today and in the future.

Friendly, flexible. ComETS is currently used in a wide variety of product test applications, supporting automated and manual product test applications. Models, test plans, parameter changes, even the data display are easily made by the operator.

Windows-based. Comptek test applications are typically presented as a software suite that contains tools for controlling, monitoring and maintaining advanced test equipment. This suite of applications includes:

  • The product test application
  • A Service Utility for calibration and diagnostics
  • Test panels for intelligent devices
  • Editors for easy system maintenance
  • Online and offline reporting of test data results
  • Plotting of real-time or post processed data

Hardware Independent. ComETS runs with your existing or other industry-standard hardware. There`s no need to buy anything specific to run the test control and monitor software.

ComETS features include:

  • Cost effective system
  • User Friendly - Windows-based for operation and revision familiarity
  • Versatile Test Modes - Automatic to Manual operation
  • Flexible Applications - user-modification of test specs, sequence, procedures, reports, etc.
  • Configurable Data Display
  • Operator Interface - enables specialized monitoring & administration
  • Calibration and Diagnostic Utilities
  • Data Storage & Retrieval - interface with existing or industry standard hardware
  • OPC compliant
  • Portable
  • Global Presence