Automotive Component Test

Automotive Component TestAutomotive and truck components are becoming more electronically integrated with the entire vehicle. Many supplier components have sensors and CAN-based control modules that communicate with Automotive Electronic Control Modules (ECM) other vehicle Control Modules.

Comptek can provide you with inexpensive, operator friendly computing solutions to solve your assembly and test requirements. This is particularly the case for the following Automotive components:

  • Engine Electronic controls
  • Transmission Electronic controls
  • Instrumentation Panel systems
  • Emission system controllers
  • Doser systems
  • Battery and hybrid system controllers
  • Intelligent (smart) devices
  • Injector testing

Comptek provides applications for:

  • component testing
  • part calibration
  • part programming
  • completed assembly verification
  • proper harness connection verification to control modules
  • Automotive and truck aftermarket products

COMPTEK`s Leak Test Monitor (LTM) is a state of the art data acquisition and reporting system that is designed to collect and evaluate data from multiple leak test machines. The LTM`s versatility enables users to maximize productivity with real time data analysis.

This system is extremely useful when you have multiple gauging stations or when the test parts have numerous test cavities (e.g. a transmission main valve body).

leak test monitor

This system can be easily adapted to monitor other multiple gauging systems.

Assembly Line Monitoring

The LTM setup procedure is simple and manageable. No programming experience is required. Communication is direct from the leak tester to the LTM. Collected data can be displayed Dynamically or Statically.

Dynamic statistical (SPC) displays include XBar / R Charts and Histograms. Control limits may be user specified or calculated. The operator selects tester, channel, sample size and sampling frequency by way of a menu driven setup.

The LTM provides an “Export Data” function so that results can be evaluated off-line.

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